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Coding is much more than a job, it is a superpower

Unlock your potential and join teams that are impacting the world one line of code at the time"it's free")

Flutter.Java.C++. They’re all the same, right?

Don’t waste your time interviewing companies that don’t align with your goals

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Create your DevCard

Share all your experience, all your preferences and all your ambitions.

Complete challenges

We are always adding new challenges designed to bring out your skills, beyond words.

Evaluate applications from companies

You will only see offers from companies willing to do a first interview, choose your time and get ready!

Never write a CV again

Welcome to the future of where to build your tech career


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It will not be an ordinary tech job

Find a team that works with cutting-edge technology, has the right culture and shares your values


No more confusing or inaccurate offers

Companies apply to you with all the information you need: culture, tech stack, salary and why they chose you.


A DevCard, worth more than a 1000 CVs

Bias free and fully comprehensive, nothing but a break down of your tech powers


We understand your struggle! We’ve lived through the confusion, the endless interviews, the ghosting and not knowing what to do next.

Let’s change this together, invert the process and make taking the next step in your career exciting and fulfilling."It's free")

You’re in the right place

If you are thirsty to learn and hungry to get into the game, we’re waiting for you.

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