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If you are looking for tech talent, you are in the right place

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It’s not an agency, it’s not a job board, it’s the tech talent intelligence platform*

Tech talent intelligence: analysis and targeted strategies for the attraction and the effective acquisition of tech personnel.

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Our matching algorithm will propose a selection of DevCards not only based on tech skills, but also on career goals and availability.

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Stop wasting time posting jobs online, everywhere

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DevCards are the future

Personalised talent cards that showcase everything you need to know, from their skills to their ambitions.

Have you ever seen a CV that specifies how many days one is willing to work in the office?

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We advance the future of tech talent acquisition

🦾 Artificial Intelligence

We leverage the latest technologies to create new digitalised strategies

📈 Market Insights

Checks on competitiveness of the position compared to the market

✅ Skill validation

We continuously release features for developers to confirm and certify their skills

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Access a pool of skilled developers searching to take the next step in their career.

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What is Deckx?

After I open a position, do developers apply to the vacancy?

Where is Deckx active?

What is a DevCard?

What is a DevDeck?

Can developers apply for my positions?

Usually we do not specify the salary, but make an offer during the process or at the end. Can I avoid it?