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The future of dev recruiting is tech talent intelligence

Find only the right developers for your teams, blocking out all the market noise

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The tech talent crisis is yesterday’s story

But only if you know how to pitch the job.

Tech talent intelligence: analysis and targeted strategies for the effective acquisition of tech personnel.

Bye bye LinkedIn

Our method also allows you to filter by desired salary, work mode and more.

The only profiles you see have passed psycho-aptitude and programming tests.

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Ready to hire?

Access a pool of skilled developers searching to take the next step in their career.

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Tailor-made tech talent to your team in 3 steps

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Share everything we should know about your business.

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Our matching algorithm will propose a selection of DevCards not only based on tech skills, but also on career goals and availability.

Straight to the point

No more talk, you already know everything. Get on the call, get to know the dev and find your next team member.

I much prefer this method: I see the profiles right away and immediately schedule a call

Stefano MiniDirector @ Active Powered

Stop wasting time writing job vacancies

From back- to front-end, through devops, cloud, security and more, find out if we know who you are looking for.

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What is Deckx?

After I open a position, do developers apply to the vacancy?

Where is Deckx active?

What is a DevCard?

What is a DevDeck?

Can developers apply for my positions?

Usually we do not specify the salary, but make an offer during the process or at the end. Can I avoid it?